Winter has arrived and with it comes cold weather–unless you live in Florida like me! If you aren’t a skier, snow-boarder, or perhaps Frosty the Snowman, you might not care for the chilly winds of January and February. While humans may not enjoy the frigid days, the trees are a different story! They are getting ready for something special to happen. Their sap levels are increasing as they soak up the winter rains. As the sap moves through their veins, new blossoms prepare to emerge. In other words, they are about to wake up!  It won’t be long before new growth will occur and fruit will spring forth from their branches. 

Interestingly enough, there is a holiday in Israel that celebrates this special season for the trees. Actually, Jewish people in other places celebrate it as well, but its origins go back to the agricultural cycles of Israel. It’s known as Tu B’ Shevat and it occurs on the 15th day of the biblical month known as Shevat. On the Gregorian calendar, this holiday would occur in January or February, depending on the year. This year, Tu B’ Shevat will be celebrated on February 6, 2023. 

In ancient Israel, Tu B’ Shevat was called the “first fruits of the trees.” Today it’s often referred to as the birthday for fruit trees, or New Year’s Day for Trees. This is because the trees are about to spring forth with new life, or fruit.

Tu B’ Shevat is a minor holiday on the Jewish (biblical) calendar, but it’s still considered a special and symbolic time of year. Today in modern Israel it’s customary to plant new trees and have a meal with fresh fruit and almonds to celebrate the future harvesting of the fruit of the trees. 

It’s also a time to remember the spiritual fruit in one’s life– for instance, what kind of fruit has been produced for God’s kingdom? Has it been good fruit, or rotten fruit? Has there been spiritual growth or stagnation?

Tu B’ Shevat is the time of year when owners of orchards inspect their trees for fruit and check for any beginning signs of “new life” or growth.  Actually, not all fruit trees wake up from their winter sleep and begin producing blossoms at the same time. In Israel, the almond tree is the first tree to awaken–this is why almonds are eaten on this holiday. ( On a side note, trees that produce nuts are considered “fruit trees” because they provide sustenance/nourishment that results from sowing seeds)

The Hebrew word for almond is SHAKEID. This word derives from a root word that means TO WATCH OR TO WAKE.  In essence, the almond tree is getting itself ready for Spring, where it will produce much fruit. For this reason, Tu B’ Shevat is known as a time to reflect on whether one is awake or asleep.

During tu b’ shevat questions to consider are: Have believers been listening to God’s voice, or tuning it out? Have they been hitting the snooze button all year?  Have they been listening to the world, rather than God? 

I heard one pastor say, “Think of the world in terms of Facebook–if the world is your friend, it’s time to de-friend it.” 

This is so true. When we are friends with the world and its ways, we tend to stay in “snooze mode” when it comes to what God is trying to tell us. We will also become deceived. It’s hard to wake up when you are deceived. The deception keeps you from seeing the truth and instead, you end up slumbering while the enemy takes full advantage of you! 

It won’t be Tu B’ Shevat until February 6th, but I started thinking about it recently after doing research on the ghettos of the Holocaust. As I read the details of why the Jewish people were placed in these cramped, miserable places, I realized that few were awake to see what was actually happening. It’s like everyone was in a deep slumber as the Nazis executed their plan. This is why evil flourished. Fruit did not grow because most people remained in a dormant “winter” state, instead of responding with action. Because of this inaction, evil was able to grow.

All of this reminded me of what happens to trees in the winter. Some will go into a dormant phase where they aren’t producing fruit. Often trees will look dead in the winter because all their leaves have fallen off. Luckily, unless they’ve been damaged, these trees will wake up from this winter sleep and start producing fruit again. But what would happen if they never woke up? Well, the tree would stop producing fruit, or worse yet, it would die. What good would the tree be at that point?

Perhaps you see where I’m going with this. Certainly, Christians can go into “dormant” phases. There are times or seasons when believers are not staying in tune with Jesus, or they are listening to the world. The world could be saying, “Do this, or don’t do that,” or maybe it’s simply distracting them. But this is a very dangerous place for any Christian to be, especially if it’s at a critical time in history. In fact, it’s possible that a Christian could never wake up from this slumber. If this happens, he/she will be like a tree that stays dormant and cannot produce fruit. In the case of 1940’s Nazi Germany, as well as other occupied areas, it led to the unavoidable tragedy of mass starvation and death. 

As I share the details of how this all came about, I hope you notice the eerie similarities to what happened during the Covid pandemic. I have written about this before, but I’m going to explain some specific details I haven’t touched on previously–these are new details I just learned and they are quite disturbing. But as you read, understand that during this time, many people, from the average citizen to the church-going Christian, were not paying attention to what was really happening. In some cases, it was fear that blinded them, while other times, it was willful blindness.

The Tragedy of the Ghettos and the Lies that Allowed Them to Exist

The coldness of the Nazi era had settled in and people were in their “winter mode.” Only a small remnant awoke from their hibernation and realized the scope of evil that surrounded them. An even smaller remnant dared to push back against the tyrannical tide. Those who remained asleep and went along with the narrative produced no fruit. The result of their silence and inaction was death and destruction. It’s similar to what is happening right now as much of the population, even Christians, refuse to wake up and defriend the lies of this world.  

While many people are familiar with concentration camps during the Holocaust, there seems to be less known about the ghettos. It’s important that we understand what happened, however, because they were the first step the Nazis used to murder the Jews.

Ghettos were meant to be temporary housing for Jews after they were forced out of their own homes. Over 1,000 ghettos were set up in Nazi-occupied territories throughout Eastern Europe, as well as in Hungary. Utilized as communities for large numbers of people, they were anything but spacious and comfortable. For example, in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, up to 400,000 Jews were packed into an area of approximately 1.3 square miles. Ghettos were purposefully designed to be cramped, dark and dirty. A lack of proper water supplies made cleaning clothes, day to day bathing, and sanitation nearly impossible. Poor ventilation, coupled with the absence of heating in the winter made rampant illness a certainty.

All of this was by design because the goal of the ghettos was to use disease as a weapon against the Jews. But this weapon was used even before the Jews were forced into the ghettos.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that the genocide of the Holocaust was triggered by “alleged” public health concerns, as well as the German authorities’ fear of disease and epidemics. This fact has been well-documented. Hitler himself had a phobia of germs and was known to use extreme measures to keep himself clean and “sanitized.” 

The highest administrative authority in the general government, Governor General Hans Frank, said that the murder of three million Jews in Poland “was unavoidable for reasons of public health.” 

One particular disease that scared the SS boots off the Nazis, as well as the German public, was typhus. This fear partly stemmed from the previous experiences of World War 1, where millions died of typhus epidemics. The throes of war, as well as a severe economic depression, led to mass starvation. History has always shown that war, starvation and disease epidemics go hand in hand. Germans had already witnessed how severe a typhus epidemic could become and the Nazis knew they could use this to their advantage.

Armed with these fears, Hitler and his propaganda machine set to work building their narrative, which relied on the lie that the Jewish people were carriers of typhus and other diseases. Posters, newspapers, and leaflets were distributed to the non-Jewish population while media and authorities parroted the same talking points. One such poster said in Polish, “Jews are lice; they cause typhus.” Fear tactics were used that made people believe that Jews could spread diseases to the German military, rendering it incapable of protecting the country. Additionally, it was believed that one Jew could infect a community, wiping out entire families. Jews were portrayed as disease carrying, second-class citizens who could contaminate Aryan blood.

Once people believed the lie, Hitler and his cronies set about creating the ghettos, and later the concentration camps. The ghettos would be used to back up their lies because it was known beforehand that cramped, unclean quarters were breeding grounds for disease. It was also planned ahead of time that adequate food and water would not be provided in these ghettos. Starvation would most certainly lead to disease outbreaks as weakened immunity would occur from malnutrition. Lack of water and sanitation would increase the spread of germs. The Nazis knew these epidemics would happen and then they could justify their starvation tactics, and later the murders. 

The quote below says it all

“By October 1941, when an epidemic was raging in the Warsaw Ghetto, Jost Walbaum, the Chief Health Officer of the General Government (Occupied Poland) infamously made the accusation: ‘The Jews are overwhelmingly the carriers and disseminators of typhus infection. There are only two ways to solve this. We sentence the Jews in the ghetto to death by hunger or we shoot them…We have one and only one responsibility, that the German people are not infected and endangered by these parasites. For that, any means must be right.”

Wow- is that evil or what!  He states, “Any means must be right.”  

This included mass murder.

Now read this next part carefully….

The statements by Jost Walbaum were made in front of 100 attendees who were mostly doctors.

And do you know what their reaction was?

They applauded and clapped.

Let that sink in.

The United States Holocaust Museum had this to say:

“German doctors and public health officials in the Nazi regime helped advance these antisemitic ideas. They did not acknowledge that the German invasion of Poland and the creation of ghettos were actually responsible for creating typhus epidemics in occupied Poland by imposing hunger, poverty, overcrowding, and unsanitary conditions. Instead, German medical professionals published essays claiming that Jewish people’s supposedly ‘low cultural level’ and ‘uncleanliness’ were to blame. The respected status of German physicians helped spread the lie that Jews were responsible for spreading typhus.” 

The article goes on to say that German health authorities in Poland called for the Jews to be isolated further and even to deny them access to medicine. This medical advice was used to rationalize the need for the ghettos in occupied Poland.

The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem, posted an article titled Dirty Science: Lingering Questions Regarding Medical Ethics and the Holocaust. Below is an excerpt.

“During the twelve-year reign of the Nazi regime, many German and Austrian physicians and scientists found themselves increasingly free to pursue their research liberated from societal moral restraints. Guided by Nazi-inspired complete disregard for the humanity of their subjects, they engaged in torture, murder, and experimentation that was aimed at improving or saving the lives of Germans and of the so-called Aryan race. And this research was not always secret; it was often presented at seminars and conferences and even published.”

The Nazis would place all the Jews into these ghettos and epidemics would break out, falsely backing up their point that Jews were diseased, and thus scaring the public even more. This also created more antisemitism among the German population as people knew that the Jews were being quarantined (separated) from the rest of society. Inhabitants of ghettos could not leave–they were locked inside the confines of barbed wire, or under the watchful eyes of gunmen. To outsiders, it would appear as if they were a biological threat to society.  

Diseases such as typhus were used by German authorities to promote death among Jews, but another tactic served their purposes as well. This was starvation. Even before typhus outbreaks would occur, food supplies were often deliberately blocked from reaching the ghettos. Some ghettos instituted severe rationing where residents received as little as 200 calories per day.  Additionally, supplies of soap did not reach the ghettos which created the perfect environment for lice to breed on the skin. The cold weather increased lice populations as well. Disease began to spread like a forest fire as cold, hungry, lice-infested people suffered unto their deaths.

The ultimate goal was population control–to kill as many Jews as possible. This was done with the blessing of the German public, who saw them as super spreaders of disease. Certainly, not every German or non-Jew in Nazi occupied areas thought this way, but it was a commonly held belief at this point because of rampant propaganda or disinformation.

The quote below from an article titled, Killing in the Name of Cleanliness, elaborates: 

“Here, then, was the German medical community’s offer to Polish Jews: Die of starvation and typhus in the ghetto, or die by shooting. The loyalty of the German medical profession to authority and its adherence to Nazi ideology seem to have kept any humane solutions from entering their heads. Occasionally the doctors were cruel, and occasionally they were corrupt. But for the most part they were “honorable,” on their own terms—hideously impassive in the face of a genocide that they blamed on the victims. Even assuming that most of them did not, at least in the early stages of the war, envision the complete annihilation of the Jews, their membership in the thought collective caused them to tread forward like sleepwalkers. This was groupthink in its most hideous form.

Whether it was in Germany, or other occupied areas, the Nazis, with the help of doctors and the medical community, pushed their public health narrative and it worked. People stayed asleep and believed the lie. Even if they didn’t agree, they did very little to stop the evil plan. 

Now it’s time to tie all of this into the Covid plan-demic. Perhaps you have already seen the parallels as you were reading this.  Let’s see how many things we both saw after reading about how disease was used as a weapon during the Nazi era.


Hitler set the stage by bombarding the Germans and occupied territories with propaganda, (leaflets, posters, newspapers, speeches, radio, TV) that repeated the lie that the Jewish people carried and spread typhus. The medical establishment supported and propagated the lies so they appeared legitimate to the public at large. The propaganda machine in the United States (and abroad) had an even greater scope than the Nazi version. They used avenues not available to the Germans such as social media, You Tube, podcasts, phone apps and constant news coverage on thousands of TV stations. The majority of the medical community jumped on the bandwagon, parroting the same messages promoted by the government and global authorities. While there were courageous doctors and scientists who resisted and spoke out, such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Robert Malone to name a few, this remnant was immediately silenced. The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by over 900,000 physicians, health scientists and epidemiologists was a warning to the world that the Covid narrative was wrong and dangerous. But immediately it was censored and ignored by mainstream media. This allowed the full power of the fear machine to keep the public terrified of a disease that, unlike typhus, killed less than 1% of those it infected.  24 hours a day, the messages continued, telling everyone to “social distance, mask up, sanitize and get ready for a miracle vaccine.”  The U.S. government alone spent billions of dollars on the vaccine campaign. Everything from Super Bowl tickets to cruises were offered to those who got vaccinated. In my own city of Orlando, teachers were paid $200.00 to get the jab. Like Nazi Germany, even the teachers and schools were indoctrinated with the fear of disease and given incentives for their loyalty to “the cause.”

Not realizing that their fear would be used against them, people began virtue signaling and publicly urging others to follow the government’s suggestions regarding Covid. They believed the lies and began telling everyone to follow the fear, even shaming those who didn’t fall in line. In Nazi Germany there was a statement that was repeated in the propaganda:

“Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer.” 

This meant One people, One Realm, One Leader.  

This propaganda slogan originated from an idea called Volksgemeinschaft, or the “people’s community.” Hitler used this idea to brainwash people into doing everything for the good of the Reich. In this way, he used this principle to persuade others that setting up ghettos was necessary to protect the community from disease. He convinced the people they needed to unify and stand against the threat of future epidemics and certain death that the Jewish people could cause. 

During the Covid pandemic, several popular statements were repeated by government and medical authorities, as well as average citizens. Some examples are:

“Follow the Science” 

 “We are in this together. Get vaccinated.” 

“Be a good neighbor and get vaccinated.”

That last one was used by some pastors and churches! Just awful….

To push the idea of “Volksgemeinschaft” the news and social media would show ads that depicted vulnerable people, like the elderly, who needed everyone to get their shots to “protect them.” Online many people would create posts with the message, “I did my part by getting vaccinated.” Later, other unfounded statements such as “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” became popular. Like Nazi Germany, even the doctors continued to go along with this campaign–from pediatricians to oncologists–every part of the medical establishment was part of it. Again, a remnant of doctors would not participate in the lies and fought back, but they were few and far between compared to the majority.

The Covid propaganda worked just like the Nazi’s propaganda about typhus. 

Soon, mandates were pushed by the government and employers. The lie was spread that the unvaccinated would spread Covid and endanger others. This proved to be completely false. In fact, the opposite was true–it was the vaccinated who were spreading it. In fact, countries like Africa with the lowest vaccination rates, had lower outbreaks from Covid. Countries with high vaccination rates, such as Israel, Australia, and much of the United Kingdom, had soaring Covid numbers. Even worse, the shots were causing massive injuries and deaths to those who were injected. The CDC and government authorities knew this. But their goal was to make the unvaccinated look like the “super spreaders” who would keep the pandemic going. Similarly, the Nazis absolutely knew that ordering the Jews to live in filthy ghettos with inadequate food, water and sanitation would cause typhus to break out. This would make the Jews look guilty to the outside world who bought the lie. The Nazis could institute their own mandates–which included the Jews being forced from their homes–and they would get very little push back from the public or medical community. 

When mandates were first proposed during Covid, the push back was only from the remnant, who knew the truth, and were not afraid to do something. Those who weren’t asleep like a winter tree knew they had to take action.  Certainly, some people were afraid of losing their jobs and this was a real fear. Members of the military, in particular, were given no opportunity for exemptions–it was either comply, or be discharged. But some people went along with the mandates in order to move on with their lives. Of course, in Nazi Germany, there was a real fear of being ostracized or punished for any views against the regime, especially as the Nazis continued gaining power.

The truth, however, is that if resistance began early on – if the people never went along with Hitler to begin with–then they would not have put themselves into a situation that would be much harder to get out of as time progressed. Evil gained a beach head very early on and dug its heels in. Once established, it was much harder for citizens to fight back.

Right now, think of all the world leaders, presidents, celebrities, scientists, doctors and academics that went along with the Covid plan-demic from day one! What if…just what if, even half of them said “NO WAY! WE WILL NOT ALLOW BASIC FREEDOMS TO BE TAKEN.”

What if from the very beginning, citizens and pastors would have said, “No, we will not shut down for a virus that kills less than 1% of the population. We will not believe every word that comes from the mainstream news. We will not take an experimental injection that was released to the public with less than eight months of testing. No, we will not adhere to medical mandates. We stand against this tyranny.” If the majority did that, the authorities who worked in the shadows of Nazism would have no power.

On a side note, I am so happy to have a governor here in Florida who has taken an active role in fighting vaccine mandates and is also fighting for victims of vaccine injuries. Florida also has an amazing Surgeon General who has been very vocal about the dangers of the Covid mandates and vaccines.

Recently, Governor DeSantis stated, “Today, I’m announcing a petition with the Supreme Court of Florida to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to the COVID-19 vaccines. We anticipate that we will get approval for that. And that will come with legal processes that will be able to get more information to bring legal accountability to those who committed misconduct.” 

But that’s not what happened with most of our leaders, pastors and citizens. Most hit the snooze button and slept through the truth. A foothold was given and once established it was difficult to uproot. The same was true of the Germans in the early phases of the Holocaust. What if the German leaders and people had said, “No, we do not accept the lies of the Nazis. No, we will not allow you to take the Jews from their homes. No, we will not allow you to kill innocent people.” Better yet, what if the majority said, “We will not follow you Hitler! We will not allow your government to rule our nation.” Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

The most basic of freedoms were taken from the Jews when they were removed from their homes. Their ability to live freely and securely in their own living space was removed.  In the ghettos when typhus broke out, there were no treatments. Food, medicines and basic care were not provided. During Covid, the same was true. Proper treatment was withheld so toxic drugs (such as Remdesivir) and ventilators could be used instead. When people died, this bolstered the lie that Covid was a threat to all of humanity.  Additionally, deadly vaccines were encouraged for patients. Those who weren’t vaccinated were treated as “super spreaders.” “Anti-vaxxers” were labeled as threats to the collective vaccinated public. This was reminiscent of what the Nazis would call, “threats to the Volksgemeinschaft” (the collective German blood community).  

This concept of collective community is alive and well in America. To use just one example of how this is done, I want to highlight a man that everyone knows in the scientific world.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is revered by many as a great astrophysicist and intellectual. His opinions are prized by universities and scientific organizations around the world. But this atheist isn’t as smart as you think. He believes we all have a social contract that we must fulfill and this includes getting experimental vaccines. He pushes the idea that our medical freedom is tied to the collective–he claims this is science. 

This is actually pseudo- science and whether Mr. deGrasse knows it or not, it is Nazi-inspired science that pushes the lie that everything must be done for the unity and protection of the world.  In his interviews, Mr. deGrasse falsely claims there was adequate safety testing and the vaccines saved lives, yet the exact opposite is true. We already know Pfizer and Moderna lied about the safety of their vaccines. When these genetic injections first came out, the testing equaled less than eight months! A “safe” vaccine (if there is one) would need at least five years of testing!!!! The vaccines are causing heart attacks, blood clots, neurological problems and sudden deaths. These things are not happening to the unvaccinated– they are happening to the vaccinated! Mr. deGrasse refuses to look at actual data and evidence, which is real science.

The World Holocaust Center reminds us that during the Nazi era, doctors were allowed to conduct medical experiments that would normally be banned, as they were dangerous and unethical. For example, Jewish women were forced to become part of experiments that sterilized them in order to develop treatments to help infertile German women. Whether people want to believe it or not, the vaccine companies (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zenica) made the world their experiment. Hitler created emergency orders to allow authorities to be protected from liability, just as the U.S. government gave vaccine companies immunity from being responsible for the injuries they caused.

I could go on and on, but you get the point I hope.

By writing about these parallels, I am not saying that every doctor, leader and average person had evil intentions if they believed the lies. Even in Nazi Germany, not everyone was fully aware of what was going on. But most had enough information to know that something bad was happening. During the Covid era there were also those who were too scared to speak out, or they were too frozen to break free from the propaganda. Yet there were also those who were awake like the almond tree celebrated at Tu B’ Shevat. They saw the danger and they acted. Yes, many would pay the price by losing friends, family members and/or their jobs or material possessions. But producing fruit often requires sacrifice . Also, one cannot fill an entire tree with fruit by being afraid. 

The Covid-19 plan-demic was step one of the globalist plan to take our freedoms. As I type this the World Health Organization is working to remove our medical sovereignty. Bill Gates and his globalist collaborators are practicing for another plan-demic. See link. This begs the question…

What will the collective do the next time a pandemic or other type of emergency rears its ugly head?

After World War 2 the truth was revealed about the ghettos and the concentration camps. The truth was revealed about the Nazi doctors that colluded with the establishment. The truth was revealed about how typhus was really spread. BUT DID WE LEARN FROM THAT?

Some people will be angry that I would dare compare aspects of the Holocaust to the Covid plan-demic. By doing this I am not minimizing what happened to the Jews. In fact, I am clearly describing what happened to them and how they were wrongfully accused and persecuted. I am also trying to help others see that Satan uses the same playbook over and over.

He waits for people to forget.

He waits for history to become faded so the details become buried under cobwebs.

Then, he digs out that old playbook and sends his football players out to the field.

Understand that this time he is going for the Super Bowl. His goal is to get as many human beings as possible under his influence. He will use whoever he can to push his deceptions.

In order to keep from falling prey to his schemes, we must be like a beautiful almond tree that wakes up before everyone else!

When a deception springs forth, we need to be the first ones to spot it. Then, we have to warn others. We cannot give up when the going gets tough. We may be punished and persecuted, but the goal is to produce fruit for the kingdom and protect people from lies, and even certain death. 

An almond tree in bloom

This Tu B Shevat, let’s remember to be a mighty fruit tree in Jesus’ kingdom! Stay awake and produce fruit!

If you want to stay awake about the lies of the Covid narrative, I suggest these websites and substacks listed below. Keep in mind that with substack subscriptions you can subscribe to the free versions. That’s what I do. Of course the most important resource is your BIBLE! You should also study Bible Prophecy so you can recognize how world events tie in with everything.


Coffee and Covid newsletter- this is a newsletter created by Jeff Childers, a Conservative lawyer and Christian – it will update you on the latest Covid news and provide proof of what’s really going on. I subscribe to the free one and I receive tons of information. – This website is run by Patrick Wood. He has studied the globalist agenda for over 30 years and fights to preserve constitutional rights. The articles he posts cover topics such as transhumanism, medical technocracy, the evils of the Green Agenda (Agenda 2030), globalism, censorship, artificial intelligence and much more.

Peter McCullough’s Substack– He is the most published heart doctor in America and has been warning about heart injuries and blood clots. 

JD Rucker Substack– He is a Conservative commentator who covers a wide range of topics from globalism to medical freedom. 

Robert Malone Substack- he is the inventor of mRNA technology, but was not involved in the creation of the Covid vaccines. He spoke out early on about the dangers of the vaccines.

The High Wire– This is a show hosted by Del Big Tree–he has been fighting for children and adults who have been injured by vaccines (not just Covid vaccines, but all of them on the schedule). He provides the proof for the information he presents in each show by sending an email every week with links to studies and facts. He sponsors the Informed Consent Action Network that fights for medical freedom and takes legal action against those who try to mandate vaccines, such as the FDA and CDC.

Children’s Health Defense– this is sponsored by Robert F Kennedy- though he is a Democrat, he is conservative when it comes to medical freedom and global governance. His website’s articles always contain links where you can check out the facts to see for yourself.

Liberty Counsel- this is a fantastic resource that is sponsored by conservative Christian lawyer Matt Staver. I sign up for his daily updates and they are fantastic. Matt fights for medical freedom for everyone from the military to the average citizen. He also fights against abortion and the LGBTQ agenda. You will learn a lot from this website/newsletter. 

Olive Tree Ministries– this website has a weekly show that covers world events from a biblical perspective. Guests on the show talk about everything from globalism to End Time theology. They also support Israel and cover topics related to it.

Intercessors for America– this website covers everything from politics to globalism, but it’s done from a biblical perspective. Also, intercession and prayer strategies are a central part of the articles. There are weekly webcasts that will keep you “in the know” of what’s really going on. Prayer guides and other resources are also provided that will keep you very aware of the spiritual roots behind evil agendas 

Agenda Weekly is another fabulous resource sponsored by Curtis Bowers. He digs into the roots of Communism and covers all the important issues in our nation and world from a biblical perspective. I pay five dollars a month and it is well worth it because the articles are full of information and will keep you fully awake! There are also free options if you just want to listen to the podcasts.

Unlimited Hangout is a website with a wide array of investigative reports. My favorites are the ones by Whitney Webb, but there are many authors to choose from. These reports are lengthy, but full of facts and links so you can truly know how the pieces fit together.

Alex Newman is the editor of the Liberty Sentinel and his articles and reports will tie everything together from China and communism to the World Economic Forum.

Dr Mercola’s website and substack– He is a health activist with the #1 health website in the country. I subscribe to the free versions of both.

America’s Frontline Doctors– These doctors should be applauded because they were part of the remnant who fought medical tyranny. Their website will post news articles and info to keep you updated on Covid and any other issues associated with medical freedom.

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